2015: My Year in Travel – Accomplishments & Lessons Learned

So this post is a day overdue, but I’m not exactly a stickler for time.  2015 has been the most life changing year of my life to date. It was pretty difficult to fit this all into a short video, but here’s my best attempt below:



Things I Accomplished in 2015

Visited Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, UAE, England, China, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, and Hawaii

Revisited Germany, the Czech Republic, Colorado and California

Experienced my second Oktoberfest (and probably planning my third)

Successfully spent a decent amount of money on all of the above

Went on my first helicopter ride

Went cliff jumping

Rode an elephant for the first time, and a camel

Went surfing in Bali

Went on my first solo non work trip

Monetized my blog

Finally climbed the stairway to heaven, a bucket list item that was far overdue

Speaking of overdue bucket list items, I finally made it to a Full Moon Party

Watched the sunrise over Angkor Wat

Made it home from the bar in Seoul

Eventually made it home from the bar in Bangkok

Climbed the Great Wall

Successfully failed at trying to drive a motorbike

Hiked through Rocky Mountain National Park

Attended a Concert in the Red Rocks Amphitheater 

Hiked through the rice fields in Ubud

Swam in the infinity pool on top of the Marina Bay

Ate sushi in Japan and some really weird stuff in China

Met a lot of awesome people during all of this 🙂

Decided to make my first big cross country move to San Diego.. which is one month away!

Successfully failed at writing about all of the above… it’s coming soon I promise.


Things I Learned in 2015

Change isn’t always a bad thing

Elephants do not have comfortable backs

How to cope better with death

Never to book an early flight the day after Oktoberfest

Hard work does pay off

How to haggle

That you hardly need to pack anything on a trip to Southeast Asia

The difference between wanting something and getting it may only be a question away

How to surf

How to take more chances

Not to take a taxi in London

How to stand up for myself when dealing with mean insurance companies

That selfie sticks are actually super useful

If you’re not sure who really cares about you, take a month long trip and see who still reaches out.

Not to ever go on the floating village tour in Siem Reap

Laughter can really solve anything

There will always be someone that doesn’t like something you say or do, and how you handle that makes all the difference.  You can’t please everyone and there are too many people in the world to bother with the mean ones.

How to paddleboard

How to not break an Iphone (finally!)

How to get on social media in China

That everything is a little more of an adventure when traveling alone

That Japan has the best toilets out of any country

That I prefer a vacation where I get a little dirty (or a lot) to a luxurious one where I sit on the beach

That I’m willing to spend more on hiking shoes than any other form of clothing

Always watch your belongings when dealing with monkeys

That Coconut water is my favorite beverage.. or favorite non alcoholic beverage

To Never to use the California Expressway without being a member

How much I love Korean food

That a positive attitude can make one hell of a difference

That there is no better feeling than coming home to your family


What did you guys accomplish/learn in 2015?



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