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Hi, I’m Marteen!

I’m a twenty something blogger who struggles with traveling as much as possible while also maintaining a 9-5. Lust For The World is my collection of tips, exciting stories & humorous affairs with the world.

If something good happens, it’s a story. If something bad happens, it’s probably a better one. 

I’m kind of an animal, and even though I travel A LOT, I still get myself into a lot of sticky situations. Luckily, my mishaps mean that I have a lot of advice for you. I have been scammed on a Cambodian River Boat, thrown into the jungle floor in Costa Rica, and have had a panic attack 100ft under water on the Vandenburg wreck.   I have had the pleasure of running out of all my money in Cuba, of riding on the back of an elephant and a camel, and have been known to shut down an Oktoberfest or two. My biggest tragedy while traveling was getting a cheeseburger taken off of me by Emirates Airlines and the most interesting dinner I’ve ever experienced was spoken in Czech, Russian and English, where no one knew what each other was saying, but somehow everyone still understood (thanks to some Becherovka).

I’m able to do all of this while still holding a full time job (and so can you).

I started Lust For The World in 2013 and have been splitting my time between working in the real world, blogging and traveling ever since.


Yes, I have student loans. Yes, I still have a full time job. No, I don’t have a trust fund or an unlimited cash supply.

I travel as much as I do while still holding a full time job, so my blog is best for people that are looking to do the same. I have a ton of 1-2 week itineraries, a lot of advice on how to find a career that involves travel, and tips on how to save money in your twenties. I also have a pretty well detailed post on how to find the cheapest flights and use them to your advantage.


On occasion I also feature some of my best friends…


lust for the world travel blog


Brittaney’s wanderlust stems from a desire experience all the adventure, see all the sights, try all the foods and drink all the beers the world has to offer. One of her favorite meals while traveling includes a jar of nutella, wheel of cheese, fresh baguette and bottle of wine with her boyfriend in Paris or the sushi she had while island hopping the Galapagos islands. Her most interesting meal abroad would have to be the live grub that bit her back while trekking the Amazon rainforest (it actually tasted like bacon).





lust for the world travel blog



Lauren has enjoyed exploring from a young age when she started traveling and learning about different cultures around the world. She loves experiencing all that a place has to offer, from it’s art, music and food to it’s architecture, and way of life. From shark diving in the Caribbean to camel trekking though out the Sahara to chugging beers at Oktoberfest, Lauren seeks adventure and excitement everywhere she goes.




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  • julia says:

    how do you get so much time off from your 9-5 job, & afford to go to all these places? 2 weeks is never enough. and a weekend trip out of the country is nearly impossible. can you write a post on this plz.

    • LustForTheWorld says:

      Hi Julia! Thanks for commenting. I do need to write a post about this and I will. One of the best parts about my job is that it does allow me to travel a little bit. That being said, a great deal of my traveling is done on my own budget and time. I can definitely give you tips on how to find great deals and how to get around a limited time frame. I will create a post on this soon and notify you!

  • Laura says:

    Love your blog!! I feel like I can relate to a lot of your stories !! (And the 9-5 and limited vacation time!!!) Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  • Brian says:

    This is soo awesome. God bless keep up the travels

  • Harriet says:

    I absolutely love this blog! I started travelling (like you) when I was very young and now at the age of 18, my days of adventuring with my family seem somewhat numbered. Reading about your experiences always brings a smile to my face, it’s wonderful to see other young people finding the time to travel whilst still living in the ‘real world.’ It would mean a lot if you could take a look at my blog (globetrottingteen.wordpress.com) and let me know what you think, I’m more than open to any tips you might have! One of my favourite things about travel blogging has become the connections I have made with others like me, if you are ever looking for a guest blogger, I’d be thrilled to help!

  • Sunil Dhungana says:

    Very good Job. VEry excited and inspired from you.Have you been to Nepal as well?

  • Zubin says:

    Aweosme….. Keep it going.. Wish i could speak czech and spannish.
    Are you guys on pinterest?? Instagram…

  • Michael Arndt says:

    Hello Marteen came upon your blog from a mutual friend of ours. Someone you grew up with by the first name of Leigh and she told me all about your blog and travels…. I am planning on my first backpacking trip. I decided on Southeast Asia. I will be going for a total of 93 days(3 months) Travelling through Thailand into Laos then into Vietnam finally into Cambodia…

    I wanted to know if you have been to Vietnam and what was your experience there? I have read from multiple blogs that they are not very friendly to the backpacking crowd and most backpackers never return there. If thats the case mayby I can perhaps shorten my Vietnam part and head on over to the Phillipines for a hot second although that can be a bit costly? Just wondering what your experience was with that area.

    Any help or insight would be awesome Thank you….. Mike A

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for commenting! I’m so excited for you, Southeast Asia was one of my favorite trips of all time (I’ll actually be returning this year). When are you planning on going?

      Unfortunately I have not visited Vietnam, but I have visited Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Singapore. However, I can say that I understand where people are coming from when they say they didn’t like Vietnam as much. I felt the same way about Cambodia. I absolutely LOVED Thailand, it is one
      of my favorite countries. The people were so nice and amazing during my visit there, which is why my visit to Cambodia wasn’t the best. I found that people there looked at me more as a target with a money sign attached to my head than an actual human, my friend and I were subject to a lot of scams and it kind of ruined our experience there (although we did see a lot of amazing things). Even though that was my experience, I would still encourage you to visit because everyone’s experience is different. I’ve met some people that disliked Cambodia and/or Vietnam, but I’ve also met a lot of people that absolutely loved those countries. Both countries have a lot to offer (amazing scenery, delicious food, etc.) and I would hate for you to miss out because of what happened during my time there. Just keep an open mind!

      I’ve also never been to the Philippines, but I’ve heard all good things. I actually plan on visiting myself this Spring. I would definitely try to make it there if I were you and I would also recommend plenty of time for Thailand. Thailand is a lot bigger and more diverse than many people realize. It has a lot of history, but also tons of islands in the south and mountains in the north. If the options open, I would recommend on not planning everything out ahead of time, so you have the chance to change your route depending on how much you are enjoying a place at that time. Also, I can connect you with people that have visited both the Philippines and Vietnam if you’re interested! If you have any questions regarding Thailand, I’d be happy to help with those 🙂

      Thanks for reading and happy travel planning!

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