Why I fell in love with Granada Spain

granada spain

“You’ll love it” was the only thing people said to me when I mentioned I’d be visiting Granada, well that and “it’s cold”.

It was November in Seville and I was planning on taking a Bla Bla car to Granada in two days.

Well, I didn’t get there by Bla Bla Car, but that’s neither here nor there. I also arrived in Granada with a fairly severe hangover which I deeply regret, because Granada really is amazing (and here’s proof)…



Granada Spain


I visited Granada in November, and it was a charming little mountain town with crisp cold air. It was refreshingly chill, and at it’s center stood a large glowing castle looming over the city.

Strolling through the streets of Granada made me feel like I was walking through the streets of Morocco, if the streets of Morocco were a lot less crowded,  a lot cleaner, and surrounded by mountains. Granada has a lot of Moroccan influence and you can see that through the cities boho-esque vibe. Moroccan tea shops line the corners of Granada, and colorful lanterns and jewelry crowd the cobblestone streets. Every corner is  a photo-op waiting to happen, with narrow white alleyways and large colorful bushels of flowers.


IMG_1593 DSC02408 IMG_1591 IMG_1532 (7) IMG_1531

DSC02405 DSC02427 DSC02428 DSC02434




My apartment was perfectly quaint, and if I was writing a book, I imagine this would be the perfect place.  The apartment only had three rooms, with a kitchen only big enough for one. It had heaters in each room and a rustic hippie vibe that matched the city it sat in. The roof top was the icing on the cake, as it had to offer one of the best views of the Alahambra. At night, it glowed on top of the city and sitting on top of the roof deck without a smile on would be damn near impossible.

airbnb1 airbnb2 airbnb15


Although the city is small and quiet, I regret only staying here for two nights. I will return to Granada soon to leisurely drink wine on it’s winding streets and relax among the mountains.


Have any questions about visiting Granada Spain? Feel free to comment below!

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