Take me to Capri: Capri Italy

“Don’t go to Capri– you’ll never want to go home”


It’s getting colder in Philadelphia, and leaving me with thoughts of warmer weather and bluer skies.  and the island of Capri certainly fits that criteria. Capri is completely everything you imagine paradise to be in an less than five square mile island.  It has the lush green scenery of a Hawaiian island, beautiful azure beaches and caves that rival the best Caribbean Islands and…the best pizza I’ve ever had.

The view from Anacapri

The view from Anacapri

Upon your arrival to Capri, you’ll be greeting by dozens of boats, and yachts in the main harbor.  From there you can walk or take an incline train up to Anacapri, possible the prettiest little town ever. Walking around this town, you can’t help but to be stuck by the beauty and perfection of the place.  Vibrant hues of every color can be found in the flowers climbing ancient walls, or in the window displays of the high-end boutiques that line the cobbled lanes.


You can’t forget the fact that you’re just a 40 minute boat from the Naples when you eat the food.  Honest to God–best pizza I’ve ever had really rounded out this great adventure.

The picture speaks for itself

The picture speaks for itself

After inhaling this personal size pie, I headed back down to the main harbor and hired a boat to take see the island from the sea.  The tour boats are plentiful and will cater to your needs, wants and time restraints.  On the boat, you’re tour guide will tell you about all the folklore that surrounds the islands and some of it’s most famous landmarks. Some highlights are the Natural Arch–one of the legends has it that as you pass under the arch and kiss your lover, you’ll be together forever.  Then there’s the famous Blue Grotto.  If you have the time, I recommend swimming in the grotto, it’s an adventure in itself.


After the tour, I headed to the beach bar to take in the sun and sea.  A perfect end to a beautiful day.


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