What Is Our Favorite City for Twenty Something Travel?

There are several factors in determining which cities are perfect for twenty something travel. Which city made the top of our list? Drumroll…..


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Why is Budapest our new favorite city for twenty something travel?


1. The Good Company.


Before I visited Budapest, I didn’t know how popular it was among the twenty something crowd. Thanks to party hostels, cheap accommodation, new age ruin pubs and Spartys, Budapest is increasingly popular among young backpackers who take advantage of it’s growing, but still affordable nightlife. You will find a greater percentage of twenty something travelers in Budapest than you will in many other tourist destinations.

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2. The Accomodation.


Those looking to party their way through the city can stay at self proclaimed “party hostels”. These hostels usually have an onsite bar, a large crowd of twenty something travelers and absolutely no rules. You will be warned before paying that you may experience people throwing up or having sex next to you in the dorms. There are privates available for the lighthearted.

Most party hostels are located in the city’s 6 district which is downtown and near the most popular nightclubs. The staff is also what sets a party hostel apart from the rest. Expect the staff to be very outgoing and great at getting guests together and taking them out on the town. They know where the best parties are, the best clubs, and the cheapest drinks. If you are looking for a relaxing place to stay and a good night sleep, these hostels may not be for you.

TIP: We stayed at Grandio Party Hostel and although I woke up every morning in “Clown Town” (a giant clown painting reigning over my bed), I had an unforgettable time.  I also heard Retox Party Hostel and Instant Groove are fun. Any questions about Grandio are welcome below!

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3. Its Cheap.

Unlike most of Europe, Budapest is still quite affordable regarding accommodation, food, admission to museums and other sights.

Hungary isn’t using the Euro as it’s official currency.. yet (they use the Hungarian forint) which may also add to the economical pricing. You can grab a beer for 400HUF (the equivalent to $1.50). However, the country is supposed to join the Euro zone around 2020 so visit sooner rather than later.


4. The Perfect Cure for A Hangover.

The baths in Budapest aren’t only used for parties. There are several different elegant baths that you can visit during the day to be treated like a queen without breaking the bank. Not only are these thermal baths believed to have “healing powers”, but they also have saunas, steam baths, aroma cabins, and massage parlors. The thermal baths are a great place to wind down before another big night out. Szechenyi, Gellert and Rudas baths were some of our favorite.

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5. Some of the Coolest Parties.

Imagine an enormous hot tub in front of a gorgeous Baroque style building, compete with a laser bath party, it’s own dj, a fully stocked bar and hundreds of twenty somethings having the time of their life. I think that says it all. You can read about our Budapest bath party experience for more information, or buy your tickets here.

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6. The Scenery.

We understand that although twenty somethings love to party and relax, they usually are traveling to learn something and take in some culture as well. Commonly referred to as the Paris of the East, Budapest is architecturally beautiful and historically complex. You will embrace it’s old world charm and lifestyle from your arrival. There are many impressive things to see and do including the Parliament building, the Chain Bridge, and the Buda Castle (pictured below) just to name a few.


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Visiting Budapest and have questions? Feel free to comment below!


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