Venice Quotes: Our 10 Favorite Quotes About Venice


venice quotes: 10 of our favorite quotes about Venice. If you're looking for venice quotes, you came to the right place.

Venice has been a place of romantic enchantment for travelers since it began to exist.  Visitors are repeatedly hit with a sense of wonderment and appreciation upon leaving, only to attempt to explain how the city of water made them feel…which brings us to our 10 favorite Venice quotes:


If I could live in one city and do every single thing I do there, I would choose Venice. You can’t turn your head without seeing something amazing

Nile Rodgers


Venice never quite seems real, but rather an ornate film set suspended on the water.

I will never forget experiencing Venice for the first time. It feels like you are transported to another time – the art, music, food and pure romance in the air is like no other place.

Elizabeth Berkley

It’s so easy for me to get caught up in the feeling of a city like Venice, where everything is just beautiful color and gorgeous buildings that are so peaceful. You can roam around and get lost in the labyrinth.

There is something so different in
Venice from any other place in
the world, that you leave at
once all accustomed habits and
everyday sights to enter an
enchanted garden. 

-Mary Shelley


To build a city where it is impossible to build a city is madness in itself, but to build there one of the most elegant and grandest of cities is the madness of genius.

Alexander Herzen


By day, Venice is a city of museums and churches, packed with great art. Linger over lunch, trying to crack a crustacean with weird legs and antennae. At night, when the hordes of day-trippers have gone, another Venice appears. Dance across a floodlit square. Glide in a gondola through quiet canals while music echoes across the water. Pretend it’s Carnevale time, don a mask — or just a fresh shirt — and become someone else for a night.

-Rick Steves


Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.

Truman Capote


If you read a lot, nothing is as great as you’ve imagined. Venice is — Venice is better.

– Fran Lebowitz


I had my dreams of Venice, but nothing that I had dreamed was as impossible as what I found.

-Arthur Symons


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